New Starbucks advert promotes transgenderism among teens

The Tavistock Centre

Starbucks UK has recently launched an advertisement featuring a young girl who wants to be a boy and struggles when referred to as “Gemma” – she is finally affirmed as a male when she visits Starbucks. The advertisement has won the “Diversity in Advertising Award” sponsored by one of Britain’s biggest television stations, Channel 4.

Starbucks also intends to raise £100,000 for a transgender advocacy group called “Mermaids” which promotes access to puberty- blockers, cross-sex hormones and body altering surgery for minors.

Starbuck’s support for teen transgenderism is somewhat surprising given that the mood in Britain is growing skeptical towards this phenomenon. A February 4th article on LifeSite news reports that there is a major lawsuit underway against the UK’s only “gender identity development service” for children, at Tavistock in London. One of the plaintiffs, 23-year old Keira Bell stated that she had “become a claimant in this case because [she did] not believe that children and young people can consent to the use of powerful and experimental hormone drugs like [she] did.” Bell regrets her treatment at the clinic – she was given puberty blockers, testosterone injections and was submitted to a double mastectomy by the age of 20.

Another plaintiff to the case is nurse Sue Evans, who worked at the Tavistock clinic. She claims that no proper psychological evaluation or help is given to the minors. She also feels that the clinic is under pressure to perform for ideological reasons, partly because of efforts by groups such as “Mermaids”.