Introduction of exclusion zones regressive, says Pro-life Campaign

Peaceful pro-life vigils

The Pro-life Campaign (PLC) have said plans to introduce “exclusion zones” are “regressive” and silence on alternatives to abortion make clear the Government’s priorities.

The comments related to the Programme for Government (PfG), in which the coalition has committed to creating exclusion zones around abortion clinics.

Eilís Mulroy of PLC commented on the PfG, saying: “the introduction of censorship zones amount to such an obvious breach of civil liberties. These exclusion zones which deny peaceful protest and free speech exist in no other part of Europe.”

“In recent correspondence to the Minister for Health, the Garda Commissioner described the introduction of such zones as unwarranted. If introduced, they would selectively single out one group of people in society, namely members of the pro-life movement.”

Ms Mulroy also criticised the lack of any positive options for pregnant women suggested in the PfG.

“The absence of meaningful supports and the lack of any reference to alternatives to abortion within the draft PfG is also profoundly disappointing,” she said.

“The Programme for Government was an opportunity for this new administration to demonstrate even a remote interest in offering women genuine and meaningful alternatives to abortion.

“The draft Programme for Government doubles down on the idea that abortion is an unqualified ‘good’ that must never be questioned. This kind of approach is an insult to the real conflict that many women feel about going down the road of abortion.”