Westminster’s Betrayal of Northern Ireland


Despite the 79% majority of Northern Irish residents who responded to the public consultation on the new abortion framework and expressed their opposition to the new law in Northern Ireland, it has been imposed against the will of the people. The arrogance of British MPs who voted for this, the vast majority of whom have never set foot in the North, has been laid bare. Some of them have displayed contempt, referring to the NI law as “Victorian”, while failing to acknowledge the 100,000 lives that have been saved. Few MPs have been brave enough to examine what the new law means for the North and the rest of the UK.

It had always been the intention of the UK abortion industry to use the North as a Trojan horse in order to introduce abortion on demand to the rest of the UK, claiming that if the law applies to one region, it must be the same elsewhere.. The ink had barely dried on the new NI abortion bill when BPAS (British Pregnancy Advisory Service) CEO Anne Furedi started lobbying in Westminster, that the pending Domestic Abuse Bill be used to overturn the current 1967 Abortion Act rendering it obsolete, and decriminalise abortion completely.

The pro-abortion Guardian newspaper referred to the North’s pro-life laws as “draconian” but has nothing to say about the manner in which abortion has been imposed on a region that does not want it. There is a whiff of colonialism towards the North as English MPs attempt to control the “indigenous” population with this barbaric law.

It is remarkable what short memories Westminster’s representatives possess, considering that only three years ago, a number of CQC reports revealed that Marie Stopes abortion clinics had been paying staff bonuses for abortion referrals, leaving dead foetuses lying in open bins and failing to get proper consent from women with learning difficulties.

It was the people of Northern Ireland who stood firm against the Marie Stopes clinic opened in Belfast in 2012 and campaigned to see it closed in December 2017, in comparison to the 60+ clinics in the UK with little objection from the public.

Both Right to Life (righttolife.org.uk/repeal/) and care.org.uk (Abortion in Northern Ireland: How will the new law work?) have explained what the law means for the North. It will no longer be a criminal offence to cause a woman to miscarry through an act of violence against her person or through poison. It will no longer be an offence if a partner or anyone else slips abortion pills into a pregnant woman’s drink or food and kills her child. There will be nothing to prevent women from being coerced into abortions by an abusive partner, now that abortions will take place outside a hospital setting. These situations most certainly fail to protect women and their vulnerable children.

The abortion law also opens the door wide to sex-selective abortions. Jasvinder Sanghera, the founder of UK’s Karma Nirvana, a charity that supports people affected by honour-based abuse and forced marriages, has worked with many women who have been forced by family members to have an abortion because they were carrying a girl. She expressed concern that the law contradicts the Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination Against Women report on Northern Ireland, … the Committee aligns itself with the Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities in the condemnation of sex-selective and disability-selective abortions, both stemming from the need to combat negative stereotypes and prejudices towards women and persons with disabilities.’ The new law stands in sharp contrast to this report.

As a footnote, on July 6th, Speaker of the House in Westminster announced that the abortion amendment that would have introduced abortion for any reason up to 28 weeks, would not be selected for debate. This was a great pro-life victory and hopefully signifies a turning point in the UK, for Northern Ireland and for repeal of Section 9 Northern Ireland (Executive Formation etc) Act 2019.