DIY abortions set to become permanent in UK


The UK Mirror newspaper ran a recent feature stating that home abortions for women who are up to 10 weeks pregnant are set to become permanent in Britain following their ‘success’ during lockdown. Dr Jonathan Lord, of abortion provider Marie Stopes UK, said: “Thanks to telemedicine, women have been able to access the timely, high-quality care they deserve. Had this not been available the consequences could have been catastrophic.” This remark is astounding in its dishonesty, considering that thanks to a leaked email through Christian Concern, we now know two women in the UK have died from DIY abortions during the lockdown. In the midwife’s email dated the 21st of May she admits the CQC (who reported abortion provider Marie Stopes’ ‘cattle market’ conditions in 2016) was already aware of the ‘escalating risks’ from the pills-by-post scheme which had led to an abortion task force meeting during the previous week.

She discusses the two women’s deaths, which involved one being found at home and the other dying quickly at hospital from sepsis. There was also a ‘near miss’ where a woman who had received abortion pills decided to go for a scan to discover she was 32 weeks pregnant.

Other complications included: women attending Emergency Departments due to significant pain and bleeding; ruptured ectopic pregnancies and an emergency resuscitation for a major haemorrhage. One child appears to have been murdered during lockdown, having survived a DIY abortion and the case is being investigated by the police. In 2007, 66 babies were left to die after botched abortions in the UK, so this is already commonplace.

The unnamed midwife admits that there is a need to better understand the outcomes of the women seeking these [abortion] services and the balance of risk is challenging as there is no previous data for comparison. She clearly admits to an appalling litany of failings that demonstrate the dangers of DIY abortions, and which pro-lifers have been warning against for years. So here is a head midwife admitting that there are many flaws in the current “abortion pills-by-post” system and yet this is to be made a permanent set up in the UK?

Some weeks ago, I wrote to my local MP about the need to raise the issues of the deaths of these two women and have yet to receive a reply. I also wrote to a number of pro-abortion journalists in The Guardian to ask when they were going to investigate these two women’s deaths. Again, no reply. It would appear that those in the public sphere are so anxious to protect abortion “rights” that even dead women must not be allowed to get in the way but are simply collateral damage.

Christian Concern raised very valid concerns about the UK’s undemocratic DIY abortion services which were introduced as a last-minute U-turn during COVID-19 to be in direct contravention of the 1967 Abortion Act, despite the Conservative government’s previous promises that this would not occur. Lady Justice King refused to consider evidence that women were dying from DIY abortions and said that she would give her reasons ‘later’ but this has not yet happened.

The fact that the UK abortion law has been so easily circumvented shows just how many friends in high places the abortion industry has, from a judge who defends abortion pills that have killed women, to the government who easily changed from one stance to another overnight, as well as those who celebrated the legalisation of DIY abortion during COVID-19 including the Royal College of Obstetricians & Gynaecologists and the Royal College of Midwives.

As Andrea Williams, chief executive of Christian Concern, said: “The leaked email is a sickening admission that those running abortion services in England have elevated ideology over women’s safety … This further confirms the inherent danger of DIY abortions and shows how ideologues who show little concern for women – and no concern for babies – have captured NHS England as well as the providers and professional bodies.”