Frontline Friar


Dominican Student Friar returns temporarily to work as a Doctor in Belfast.

Br. Chris Gault, a Dominican friar in formation in Dublin for the priesthood, with the consent of his superiors answered the call for retired medics to return to work to help out during the COVID-19 outbreak. He is currently working in a COVID ward in Belfast, at the Mater Hospital.

“It was a bit bizarre initially,” says Br./Dr. Chris, “and I was somewhat at sea returning after a few years away, but with the help of excellent and supportive colleagues I’ve somewhat found my feet again.” He says his priestly studies are continuing in the evenings and at weekends.

“The Lord has really looked after me: I have accommodation with access to a chapel where He is present in the Blessed Sacrament, and that is a tremendous consolation. I can pray there daily, which is essential when living ‘extra conventum’; to be sustained by His grace,” explains the young Friar.

When asked will his return to medicine be a temporary change only, he replies emphatically, yes.

“I am sure the Lord has called me to be His priest, and with His help that is what I intend to be. This foray back into the world of stethoscopes is purely for the present crisis, while it lasts. I cannot wait to be a priest, and to return to the religious life which has given me such fulfilment and happiness these past 3 years or so. He is so very good to us – in His will is our peace!”