Lent – A Time for Giving


As we know, Lent has begun. Some people will see Lent as a time to give back to God and grow stronger in their faith while others may find Lent particularly difficult because all that comes to mind is the word Sacrifice.

Often we may feel guilty about not giving up lots of things. Why not instead think of ways that you make a positive impact to someone’s life, how you can show Jesus’ love to someone through your actions.

The saying ‘actions speak louder than words’ is one that stands out to me because often we get caught up saying that we will do something instead of doing it and making a difference. The beauty of giving is that when people see one person giving it can trigger a chain-reaction and the next person will want to give as well.

Imagine what a nicer place the world would be if we gave to each other a little more. We could give our time to someone who is lonely, buy a present for a loved one, bring someone to Mass with us or just help with daily things in the house.

I think many people get caught up in their New Year resolutions which can be very good for making a positive change for ourselves, but for me I see Lent almost as a new year to make a change for the Lord.