Doing God’s work and discouragement


I had a personal experience recently where I was asked by a priest to play some music and help out for a local Confirmation. As you know Confirmations and Communions have been done a little bit differently this year due to Coivd-19.

However, I try to look at the glass half full and I knew that it was a blessing for Confirmations and Communions to go ahead this year at all. So, I arrived at this Confirmation and got myself set up and I asked for a chair so I could sit down and play a piece. A man who I had never met before turned around and made quite a rude comment to me. At first, I was taken aback and then I started thinking that I shouldn’t be playing or maybe they didn’t need me or was I a waste of space?

All of these discouraging things started going through my head before I played. When I had finished playing I felt the Lord saying clearly to me: “When you do something for Me you can come across challenges like these” and immediately I felt peace.

I realised that the Lord puts us in different situations and asks us to do certain things and often when we come up against a challenge we will know what we are doing is the right thing. That is not to say if you go to Mass on a Sunday you’re going experience spiritual attacks all the time but it just means that in doing things that please the Lord, some obstacles can arise too.

What was so valuable to me about this is how even in the simplest moments Jesus teaches us lessons.

We are so quick to judge ourselves, me especially, and forget to give Jesus permission to work through me and help me. In that moment of anger and discouragement I felt, I decided to pray for that man and forgive him in my heart and by doing that Jesus could teach me what he wanted too.

Every morning I usually hand my day over to Jesus and ask Him to guide me and help me. I think if you invite Jesus into your day it gives you a lot more peace knowing that whatever happens, His hand is in it.

Another question often asked is how can I respond to what God wants me to do? Or how will I know if God is calling me to do something? The simple answer is prayer because when we pray it is like placing our hands in Jesus and Mary’s hands and letting them guide us.

Imagine going into a job and you know your manager has lots of jobs he wants you to help with but you purposely avoid him all day. It is not possible for him to ask you to do something if he cannot find you. It’s the same way if we ignore Jesus because He can’t show us what He desires and wants for us.

So I encourage you to pray and trust that God has planned even the simplest things in your life and do not become discouraged for doing the right thing.


Listening to God through others

The Virgin in Prayer by Giovanni Battista Salvi da Sassoferrato (1609–1685)

I think I only realised properly in the last two or three years that God speaks through other people so much. I have found it so easy to close myself off from God at times in my life when I needed Him most and when I look back I realise He was trying to speak to me through my friends and family and people around me.

If you know anyone who is very close to Jesus and usually speaks a lot of wisdom, then more than likely that’s the Holy Spirit working through them. The Holy Spirit can work through many people and you have probably given friends advice before that God wanted them to hear and you probably didn’t realise at the time.

If you are looking for answers about something a powerful prayer to say could be to ask Jesus to open your ears each day to hear His word, and to open your eyes to see the things He is trying to show you.

Prayer truly does give us answers and sometimes these answers come from those around us, but we have to be open to hearing them. If you are stressed about a situation then pray to Jesus to give you a sign because if He wants to reveal something to you, He really will. Also before you start you day invite Jesus into your day and ask Him to speak through you for others because you never know who it might help!


Favourite songs at the moment

Lauren Daigle’s concert in Joy Eslava, Madrid, 2019

These are just a few song recommendations that I have for you as I know how encouraging praise and worship songs can be and how they have helped me.

– You’ve always been, by Unspoken

– Joy, by The Housefires

– Marching on, by Rend Collective

– I will be undignified, by Rend Collective

– Trust in you, by Lauren Daigle

I hope you enjoy these few songs and that they give you some encouragement and peace.