Beauty: knowing your worth

Adam and Eve, catacombs of Saints Marcellinus and Peter, 4th Century, Rome.

Beauty: knowing your worth

I think we all know that being a girl can be quite hard in the modern world. We want to be taller or sportier; we don’t like our hair; we don’t think we’re pretty enough.  We end up making all these false assumptions about ourselves based on what the world tells us and never think about what God tells us.

I know from going to an all-girls secondary school that how we look is a big part of our lives. Some of us can spend so much time on ourselves that we forget about the important things. Now, don’t get me wrong: it’s nice to dress up and look nice and I enjoy curling my hair and wearing a bit of makeup every so often but I try not to get consumed with it.

I used to always compare myself to someone else and after a while I realised that’s there’s always going to be someone with more talents or who seems prettier. The truth is that we have the exact same amount of talents are we are equally as beautiful to God. I can honestly say if I didn’t have my faith I would be so miserable thinking I wasn’t good enough. But I’ve learnt who I am in God’s eyes and that part of my identity is important.

So, what is beauty? I have to say I think beauty comes from within. I mean: think of a person you know who is always nice, gentle, never gives out and is always helping others. We often hear said: ‘Aren’t they just a beautiful person?’ That’s because they are! Their beauty starts from within and radiates out. Many girls I know who are like this are very strong in their faith and close to the Lord. It shows me that Jesus changes our hearts and makes us more beautiful.

That’s the key to true beauty, drawing closer to Jesus. Genesis 1:31 says, “And God saw all that He had made, and behold, it was very good.” God loves you just the way you are and He made you beautifully. God created the world and all its nature so beautifully but He was most proud when he created Adam and Eve. He had made them so beautiful just as He has made us.

The problem is the world tells us that we have to become beautiful by doing certain things, and it hides the truth that we are already beautiful from us. If you struggle with beauty don’t be discouraged. There are days when I do compare myself to others and believe the world’s lies but my faith is always there to reassure me with the truth. I genuinely believe that by praying we come to know our worth and true identity, even if it is just to ask God every day to fill us with his love so that we can come to know our true worth.

God didn’t make any mistakes and He has a purpose for each one of us. ‘True beauty begins inside’ – 1 Peter 3:4


Joy of Easter in our lives

We all know that Easter Sunday is coming up very soon and we’re probably thinking about how much chocolate we are going to eat, but these past few weeks I’ve been thinking a lot about what Easter means for us spiritually as Catholics.

If we think about Good Friday we would think about suffering, despair and pain. Jesus died on the Cross and took on all of our sins. He carried the cross and fell because of its weight. The weight of our sins were on His back and it didn’t matter how much He fell because He cared so much about us that He wanted to free us from them. That is amazing!

And just when everyone at the time of His crucifixion lost hope, they received much joy when He rose again on the 3rd Day. He showed us that He is bigger than all of our shame, guilt and sins and that we don’t have to hold on to them anymore.

When we think about Easter Sunday we think about joy, hope and a new beginning. We see so many people searching for a light in their darkness today. These are people that would have heard the story of Lent when they were kids in primary school. But they did not realise the bigger picture, that Jesus went through everything just to bring us out of darkness. The world makes us feel like we’re not good enough but Jesus promised to never let us feel that way.

‘I have spoken these things to you, that my joy may remain in you, and that your joy may be made full’ – John 15:11


The Divine Mercy

Closeup of the first Divine Mercy painting, created in 1934 based on the request of Saint Faustyna Kowalska and her confessor Michael Sopocko by Eugeniusz Kazimirowski

Divine Mercy Sunday is coming up this month so I thought I would write a small few thing about the Divine Mercy. The Divine Mercy is all about us sinners coming to God to ask for His mercy. It is a way of humbling ourselves and accepting that we need His mercy. Jesus has so much mercy to show us and just wants us to run into His arms.  Jesus said to St. Faustina: “I want you to be very little, because when you are little, I carry you close to My Heart. Because you are weak, I take you in My arms and carry you to the home of My Father.’

The only thing He needs form us is trust. This means that no matter how great our sin or weakness is, we believe that He is God and He can do everything. The more you trust Jesus the more He can transform you. Don’t ever think your problems are bigger than He is. The way to live this trust is to pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet. You can pray it at any time of the day but praying it at 3:00 in the afternoon is especially powerful. Take a step toward the most merciful Heart of Jesus and pray the Divine Mercy.