Science! A gift from God or just another God?


Many erudite African and Asian migrants or the people in diaspora within the western countries are propagating the theory that Christianity is a scam used by the West to penetrate and infiltrate Africa and Asia to gain control of natural resources.

This view is informed by the experience that faith is virtually dead in the West amongst westerners themselves. They use social media and other means to de-indoctrinate their people back home, encouraging the jettisoning of the Christian religion.

Fasting and solitary meditation which are still common practices in Africa and Asia are being rationalised by many Christians in the West, as they apply health warnings about fasting and desist from what used to be commonplace.

It then makes sense for a wavering migrant to renege on faith and send messages back home that Christianity is delusional – and a mere tool of imperialism and colonialism. This message is beginning to resonate.

One can only but wonder about what future remains for faith in the midst of the near universal subscription to the idea of the supremacy of science. This is evident in the level of investments in science and technology which dominate economies but also saturate private lives. Most people in the West no longer see any benefit in making equivalent, or any, investment to support the faith.

The modern approaches in Christian practices are largely inconsistent with the modern positivism, hence portraying biblical narratives as myths, legend or parable. Contemporary Christians may have lost focus on faith and become overwhelmed by the wonders of science to the degree of idolatry. That said, there are still African and Asian Christians who mostly still approach biblical faith in a literal manner.

Secularism has a firm grip on the world because of the predominance of scientism, and Christians are becoming subservient to secular ideologies. It is hard to understand the relevance of Christian faith in the world where science is dominant and solely credited to human intellectual exploits.

It is possible to demonstrate that science is indeed a gift from God. This concept is essentially the reason why faith is still very progressive and relevant in Africa and Asia, despite sustained campaigns to undermine faith. People from these regions still make material investments in the growth of faith.

There is still a strong rooted belief amongst Africans that God alone is supreme and indispensable. They believe that all good things are gifts from God, including science. Science has never taken a supreme place in the minds of Africans, even amongst the adherents of traditional religion.

The record of great scientists acknowledging the sovereignty of God should be motivational to doubtful Christians and redirect focus on genuineness of faith and supremacy of an ever omnipotent God. It is high time genuine Christian voices started emerging from the West to counter the campaign that Christianity is a scam used to infiltrate Africa and Asia to accomplish the imperialists’ agenda.