The contagion of fear



Ahhh Coronavirus, I’ve never seen such a panic.  Nothing like the threat of a pandemic to unleash the worst in people. Panic purchasing, clearing out the supermarkets, leaving nothing for their neighbour, taking as much as they can to try to save their own skins.
Don’t they know this world isn’t their home anyway? But people love the world, their lives, kids, cars, pets and jobs more than they love Christ.

Don’t they know that this life is but a journey, their journey home to their eternal rest. Catholics ought to know that they live well in order to die well. But they live for this life and cling to it, without regard for God or their neighbour.

You would think with the threat of eternity knocking sooner than anticipated people would have a care for their souls, Confession maybe, or a prayer, or even Mass. But people are following the news, anxiously awaiting the announcement of more cases of the virus.

Even the Church, at a time when the masses should be worried about their soul and taking care to return to Christ, are emptying the holy water fonts, refusing Communion on the tongue, doing away with the sign of peace (that’s a real shame because it’s such a good distraction) and even cancelling all public Masses in Rome.

It’s great for us, to be removing the grace of sacramental should at such a crucial time. I mean, we couldn’t plan it better ourselves. People’s lives are at risk. And that means their souls are at risk too. They could really be doing with the protection that horrid water affords them. And it’s gone. They’re like sitting ducks.  And yet they’re still sending the bags around for the money. You can always count on people putting their material needs before their spiritual ones.

Disrespectfully dastardly yours,