Men, men, men, men, manly men. No more. (to the theme-tune of Two and a Half Men)


Oh Smithers,

The world has drank our bitter poison. Men, scum of the earth they are …  or so society is thinking these days. Men, bad men, who all need to be put in their place.

Good work eh … it wasn’t easy though. I mean it took decades. Between the feminist revolution and the free love movement it really has robbed men of their dignity and value., of their God given dignity. Men, since there dawn of time, have been endowed with authority. The authority to be leaders, in the home, in the Church and in society.
“Wives be subject to your husbands and husbands love your wives as Christ loved the church”, that terrible book says.

Women, wives are called by God to be subject to the spiritual and temporal authority of their husbands. And husbands likewise are called to love their wives as Christ loved the church. It’s a double-edged sword. Men are expected to die to themselves to give life to their marriages and women then in turn are expected to love honour and obey.  None of that rubbish nowadays, Smithers.

We’ve done a good job of it too. Dismantling the fabric of society.

We hate men, we hate the authority God has given them in their families and in the Church. But it’s great so many children are growing up in single-parent families away from the protection of their fathers. Some of them don’t even know their fathers. Boys are growing up with absolutely no idea how to be men and fathers themselves. We’ve really broken down that continuity in society.
And let’s talk about toxic masculinity. That’s a good one. Men can’t be seen to be strong, to lead, to speak with authority because they’d only be oppressing women. And it’s gone full circle. Women have become the oppressors of men. Putting them in their place. Ideological equality has nothing to do with equality, only breaking down the God given natural order of things.

It won’t belong before this takes root in the Church, women shouting equality, demanding that women should be priests. Women should be on the altar. Women should be making the decisions. What a delightful lack of virtue. All that pride. Men are called to serve the Church: to suffer, to sacrifice, in order to  give life to their vocations but we have put a stop to that. What these women don’t realise is that these men have been called not to a power-grab but to sacrificial leadership, wrought with humility and self-giving. It won’t be long before so called equality pulls the Church asunder with society. Oh, the misandry, it’s delightful