Everybody wants to be somebody else



The great problem with society these days is that everybody wants to be somebody else.  No one is happy, everyone is distracted with stuff – ideologies and materialism. There is no space to know God – no space to even know one’s self. Everyone is looking forward to the weekend, to their next holiday, to that gadget or item of clothing arriving from amazon or eBay. Clicking and scrolling the days away.

The masses don’t know how fearfully and wonderfully made they are, Thank goodness. They are souls – eternal souls longing for God, souls who were endowed with a nature by the Master. If we keep them distracted with rubbish they’ll never think to find him. And it’s working.

These souls, souls to whom God gave a human nature, man and woman he created them. They’re mostly miserable. They all want to be something else.  God gave them their nature that through this nature in the Grace of the Church they would find their way back to him.  But Smithers we did a fantastic job of laying all of this to waste.

Women want to be men- some of them.  Women want to be masculine, a lot more of them – to be heads of their household, to be the bread winner, to be the boss.

More of them still want to be priests.  And a lot more of them are emasculating the priesthood through parish councils and they don’t know it.  How dare those men ‘assume all the power’ in the Church?  What about us, they say? Yet they don’t realise God is calling them as women through their feminine nature back to him.  But they’ll never hear that call if we keep them all distracted.

Isn’t it funny how everyone in the parish wants to do the priest’s work for him and no man wants to be a priest?  Vocations are plummeting still and there is a queue for a space on the parish council.  And no one realises the two are linked. The men, the priests, the would-be vocations, are too busy being emasculated by our warped feminist agenda to know their worth.

As priest, as fathers, as servant leaders, dying to themselves to give life to their families, communities and parishes.  That they are irreplaceable and as long as we use the women to beat them down, they’ll never know their worth.  They’ll never realise their full potential through their nature as the men God created them to be.

And women too, as long as we keep them duped into thinking they are less than men, because their nature is different, they too will never know their worth.  As mothers, sisters, friends, grandmothers, aunties and daughters, souls created with great beauty and dignity will be lost if we keep them focused on all this nonsense.

I mean- who rules in heaven over all the priests, popes, saints and angels? The mother of God, a woman. It is so easy to make them forget things like this.

Your disgracefully,