Don’t mention modern slavery


Ahh Smithers,

I love the sound of social anarchists in the morning! The mob mentality in all its glory – on the streets and online; out in force, looting, smashing and demonising anyone who gets in the way of their agenda.

Smithers, do you know what I like better than social anarchy? Hypocrisy and stupidity. I guess you couldn’t have anarchy without them – the liberal left groupthink mentality, biased beyond belief, with their hypothetical pitchforks stirring up a witchunt.

The black lives matter movement encompasses all of my favourite things, looting, pointless vandalism, historical censorship, smashing shop fronts and defacing public property. It would almost remind you of Kristalnacht back in the day.

All in the name of what seems on the surface to be a noble cause.

Worldwide, the masses have come out in force, taking a stand against more of my favourite things – racism, bigotry and police brutality. It might seem legit to any decent person but what they don’t see is the groupthink hypocrisy at the core of this movement.

While on one hand it seems sensible to most people to denounce racism. The BLM movement trumps all that Margaret Sanger, that famous eugenicist, stands for. Access to abortion. In the early 20th century, this abortion advocate was a massive fan of Hitler and all he stood for. She wanted legal abortion to reduce the black and Hispanic population of America.  And to this day racial minorities are the biggest victims of abortion. And my friend Margaret is still achieving her goals through BLM. Ohhhh, the irony. They really mustn’t think black lives matter that much after all …

And the young freedom-fighter keyboard warrior wannabes go about in their sweatshop fashion, recording riots on their slavery-powered smartphones (one of the key ingredients for these long life batteries is mined by child slaves in the DRC if you didn’t know), these young people reaping the rewards of modern-day slavery all the while condemning and censoring the slavery of the past. You couldn’t make this stuff up.

They probably had some (Che guavara) T-shirt’s on too.

We live in a world founded on oppression and slavery: from the Egyptians, to the Vikings, to colonialism and the slave trade – right through to modern times. Nothing has changed, it has just become less obvious, slavery and oppression tucked neatly far away in Asian or African nations. Oppression and slavery are alive and well, ignoring the rights of many for the comfort of a few. Those who should know better are doing a great job of distracting the world from what really matters. It’s been another successful campaign Smithers. Have a cold one, put your feet up, I think we’re on way to a promotion,

Your distastefully,