New Book on Pope Benedict XVI – an ideal Christmas present


A new book on Pope Benedict XVI ‘The Best of Benedict-An Irish Perspective’ is available from Knock Bookshop and from their website. The book is also available free with donations of €50 or more to the ALIVE! The book was released in August 2010 and includes contributions from a number of Bishops, Priest and laity – including Bishop Donal McKeown, John Water, Fr Vincent Twomey as well as a number of regular contributors to the ALIVE!

With a Foreword from Bishop Phonsie Cullinan, the book brings together the highlights of Joseph Ratzinger’s life and thought from the perspective of those who have studied and appreciated the wisdom and insights of the Pope Emeritus who has stood as a beacon for the Faith in the most turbulent of years since the cultural revolutions of the 1960’s.

A theologian and philosopher, as well as a political theorist of the highest order, the words and example of the Pope and former Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith provide direction and solace in these troubled times.