President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev meets with Irish President Mary McAleese in 2010.

Oh, Mary!

Mary McAleese finds herself in the news again. Well, she put herself there. She seems to have a habit of treating the Irish Times letters page as the postal address for the Pope. This time she warns him that she will leave the Catholic Church if he does not answer her questions about Jean Vanier.

She seems confused. She must think that Vanier was a priest and that was why the Pope might have some authority over him. She seems to think that the Vatican would have files on a layperson, who did not take a vow of celibacy, about his relations with adult women.

Mary likes to conflate and obfuscate. Somehow, the current Pope should know things about this person’s private life, even though he was Bishop of Buenos Aries at the time of the wrongdoing that Vanier is accused of.

She forgets she was President of Ireland at this time and that she shared a podium with him in June 2000, where she actually paid him tribute for his work for people living with disabilities. It sounds like she has more questions to ask than the Pope.

But leave the Church? She rejects nearly everything about the Church. She sneers at it. Scoffs at its ceremonies. Calls its people ugly names. Does she really think she is still in the Church?


Soros’ European Court

George Soros Credit: Olaf Kosinsky

In shocking news, the European Centre for Law and Justice, did a bit of digging on the background to the judges in the European Court of Human Rights to discover their connections to lobbying NGOs who seek to influence the court but also support complainants to bring issues to the court in order to push legislative change through judicial decision making. 22 judges were found to have connections to 7 NGOs, 12 of these were linked to George Soros’ Open Society Network. 18 of the 22 sat on cases that were brought forward by the NGOs who they had previously been associated with. They identify 88 problematic cases of these judges adjudicating on cases of NGOs they were previously involved with. The impartiality of the court is certainly brought into question – and it should not be forgotten that it was the ECHR that ruled against Ireland and the 8th Amendment, precipitating repeal – the campaign which Soros was also involved in funding.

It is rarely mentioned that Soros is a billionaire who made much of his wealth from shorting stock markets and now uses that wealth to influence politics and policy all over the world. He does this in plain sight in support of ‘progressive’ causes, and barely an eyelid is batted, while the mainstream media see unidentified bogeymen funding conservative causes everywhere they look.


The Power of Fury

British heavyweight boxer Tyson Fury thanked God after winning the WBC heavyweight title after defeating Deontay Wilder at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. While claiming his title, Fury revealed his Christian character.

“Thank you to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I say those who bring evil against me will not prosper. Those who stand in the dark can never come into the light. All praise be to the one and only true God Jesus Christ,” Fury said.

Before the fight, Wilder had told Fury that his spirits were going to overcome Fury but Fury simply told him he has no fear of his spirits as he has God on his side. If that is the case, Anthony Joshua will need to look at his own backroom team.