Philip Schofield


The news that Philip Schofield, after 27 years of marriage and with two adult children, announced that he was homosexual, was greeted across the media world with fawning solidarity.

Much was made of how he was looking after his family. Given that the world is supposed to consider that homosexuality is no different to any other form of sexuality, the reaction is strange. If he had announced that he was no longer attracted to his wife but attracted to other women, the reaction would have been much different. Surely, this is how it ought to be considered? After 27 years he has not only told his wife that he no longer finds her attractive but also that he never did and has been living a lie.

Of course, the reasons why he felt the need to keep this secret for all this time is difficult to know. But why the need to make the announcement on live TV, if not only to receive the gushing admiration of the rest of the media world?