Abortion Pill Reversal method has already saved babies in Ireland

Dr. William Lile

A medical conference in Ireland last month brought some good news for mothers and babies – and explained how to reverse an abortion so as to best care for both.

Most abortions that now take place in Ireland are chemical or medical abortions, which involves taking two pills. The first pill effectively stops the baby getting nourishment so that the child will die, and the second pill causes early labour so that the baby’s body is expelled from the mother.

But increasing numbers of women, especially those who take the abortion medication in fear and panic, regret their action after ingesting the first pill. Now they have a change to undo the effect of that first abortion tablet – and save their baby.

That’s what the Abortion Pill Reversal method is. It literally reverses the effect of the first abortion pill. Here’s how:

The first abortion pill, mifepristone, blocks the effects of progesterone, the natural hormone in a pregnant mother’s body necessary for her baby to thrive. The drug then causes the uterine lining to break down and the placenta to fail, thus starving the growing baby of oxygen and nutrients.

To reverse the effects of that pill, doctors can simply prescribe progesterone so that the effect of mifepristone is muted and the progesterone assists the woman’s body in supporting the baby’s growth.

The good news is that progesterone has been licensed for safe use in pregnancy for decades, being prescribed by doctors to prevent miscarriage for example. 

A medical conference in Dublin in February brought further good news, when it was revealed that abortion pill reversal has already been safely and successfully provided in Ireland.

The conference, which was attended by health care professionals from the north and south of Ireland, sought to appraise the international evidence and data relating to reversal of the abortion pill.

Health care professionals indicated that a growing number of women in Ireland were seeking information about reversing the effects of the abortion pill. Women who had taken the first pill of the two-step abortion process and then changed their mind, wanted to know if they could be assisted in continuing with their pregnancy.

An Irish doctor said that he had successfully treated a woman who had taken the abortion pill in Ireland by prescribing the use of progesterone. The effects of the abortion pill had been reversed and the woman was reportedly very pleased to be continuing with her pregnancy.

Christa Brown, a nurse working with Heartbeat International, told the conference the network had successfully and safely reversed more than a thousand abortions using the protocol, while over 500 medical practitioners had signed up to provide abortion pill reversal.

Obstetrician Dr. William Lile said that the outcome sought by abortion pill reversal was a healthy mother and a healthy baby. He said the protocol was safe and used hormonal treatment which had been licensed for decades.

The conference heard that while the intent of the abortion pill, mifepristone, is to stop the body supporting the growth of the unborn baby, studies have shown that mifepristone does not appear to cause birth defects if the pregnancy is continued. Birth defects after abortion pill reversal are expected to be no higher than in the general population the conference heard.